How To Buy On eBay

Buying on eBay is easy! To buy on eBay, you will need to register. Registration is free and as a member you will be able to buy and sell on eBay, track items, review products, and use My eBay to manage your buying and selling activities.
It is very simple to register. On the Registration Page, the first section is where you enter your name, address, phone#, and email address. The second section is where you choose your user ID and password. And you must be at least 18 years old to use eBay, so you will enter your birth date there too. Then after checking the box that states you accept the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you just click the Register button. eBay will send you a confirmation code to the email address you provided on the registration page. You will need to enter your email address and confirmation code on the Confirm your email address page. Once you click the register button on that page, then just sign in and you are all set to buy on eBay. For more details, check out the Getting Started page.
Of course eBay is known as an auction site, but there are lots of items listed with a fixed "buy it now" price. This type of listing gives you the option of submitting a bid on the item just as you would for an auction-style listing, or you can agree to pay the "buy it now" price and purchase the item without competing with other bidders and waiting for the auction to end. The buy it now style listing is favored by many buyers and sellers. You will find most buy it now prices are usually very reasonable and the transaction is faster than an auction- style listing. For more information, visit the Different Ways Of Buying.
Once you buy an item either by being the highest bidder on an auction-style listing or by clicking a "buy it now" button, it is time to pay for the item. Paying for an item on eBay is about the same as with any other online merchant. To read about the different methods of payment, read Paying For An eBay Purchase.
After you pay for an item, the seller will then ship the item to you and the transaction will be complete. Once you receive your purchase, you should inspect the item to make sure it matches the description on the listing and is what you were expecting. If you are satisfied with the transaction, you can then leave feedback about your experience. Feedback is posted for each seller and helps other potential buyers have confidence in the integrity of the seller. There is a good page explaining what happens after you pay for your item and the entire post-sale process at After You Buy Your Item.
You can find the entire eBay experience explained at the eBay University Learning Center.

Many people think of eBay as the place to buy and sell old used stuff. While it is a great place to sell your unwanted household items and to buy used things, eBay is also a great place to find deals on new merchandise too. Many retailers and wholesalers have discovered eBay as the perfect marketplace to sell new products. You can find great deals on everyday items as well as deep discounts on overstocked and discontinued items. Most eBay sellers know eBay buyers are looking for deals, so new products are usually have a very competitive buy it now price.

Whether you are looking for old treasures like antiques, collectables, or vintage merchandise or you just want to find great deals on new products, you will find it on eBay.