Severin 3990 220-Volt Bread Maker Review

Severin is a manufacturer that has made household products for over 60 years now. They have been continuously innovating in the different fields they are operating in. They have met the German standards for quality, and using this advantage, they hope to continue to work forward and simplify as many kitchen jobs as they possibly can. They have made many electronic appliances for kitchens for some time not, serving people all over the world. One of these appliances is the Severin 3990 220-Volt bread maker. This bread maker helps to bring a touch of professionalism into your kitchen and you will see how it does this in this Severin 3990 220-Volt Bread Maker Review.

First and foremost, the color is a delight. It is bright white and it helps to give it a touch of that a profession would ask of its bread machine. On top of that, it provides users with a wholesome fun towards making your own types of bread. It is compact in size and design which makes it easier to move around and also, place anywhere in your kitchen. It is lightweight, only 2.9 pounds, which means it can also be easily handled too. There are other features that give shape to this amazing Severin 3990 Bread Maker but these are looked at in the next section.

Severin 3990 220-Volt Bread Maker Features and Specs

  • Large viewing window
  • Cool-touch housing – safety feature
  • Detachable non-stick pan
  • Fully automatic functions
  • Removable lid
  • Kneading hook
  • Knead hook extractor
  • User friendly, LED display
  • Keep-warm function for 1 hour
  • Memory recall function up to 5 minutes
  • Bread baking tin
  • Measuring cup and spoon
  • Measurements: 10.8 by 16.1 by 12.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds

Severin 3990 220-Volt Bread Machine Review

Not many people reviewed this bread machine which means it is only up to our every own, Severin 3990 220-Volt Bread Maker Review. So, this bread maker review, has told us one thing, there are many different special features provided to us with this bread machine. Not many bread makers provide you with such features. Nonetheless, this is still very efficient and effective. It will please you in all aspects starting from its instruction set to the kneading and mixing stage, all the way to its baking and keep-warm cycle. You can’t go wrong with this bread machine, and that is one thing we guarantee.

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